actor, uk

Acting is a burning passion of mine. I began by throwing myself into theatre and short films, before starring in my first indie feature 'Follow the Crows'. I've gone on to act in a variety of projects gaining a broad range of experience. In 2019, I was cast in 'The Lady From The Sea' a feature filmed in Norway. Due to the pandemic, we are still awaiting it's release. It was my proudest film achievement to date. However, it was all over in two weeks worth of filming. I was left with an insatiable thirst for more. I'm a lover of the whole screen acting process and I bring an extremely professional work ethic to set. There's nothing I enjoy more than developing characters for film. I pride myself on working hard for the director, listening, taking direction well and building a reputation as a reliable actor. I strive to be the best I can be within the profession I love. I want to be successful, fulfilled and happy with the work I produce. Alongside family, successfully acting for a living is all I want in this world.