Actor, UK


I'd been going through life with an expectation that something fantastic was going to happen to me, something life altering was going to make my life different and unique. I was 35 when I finally realised nothing was going to happen unless I made it happen for myself. It took 13 years of a morale-killing office job before I woke up to my reality. I needed a new path, one where I could pursue my dream occupation; a career that I had always told myself was unattainable was about to become attainable, or I would die trying. I switched off auto-pilot and I took charge of my life. I left finacial-security in order to become an actor. It was a moment of complete clarity, I'd never felt more honest with myself than at that moment. I was giving up all that I had clung onto for years through fear of insecurity. Everything was about to change. 

I immediately through myself into local theatre, doing three or four shows a year, and then into short films with students or local filmmakers. I joined some local classes too whilst they lasted. It wasn't long before I had my first role in a local feature film 'Follow the Crows'. I've since gone on to act in a variety of projects gaining a broad range of experience. In 2019, I was cast in 'The Lady From The Sea' a feature film based on an Ibson play, filmed in Norway. It was my proudest film achievement to date. It was everything I wanted, a taste of the world in which I dreamed to be immersed in, and it was over in the blink of an eye. Two weeks' worth of filming felt like a few days. I was left with an insatiable thirst for more.

My passion to act in film is stronger than ever. The whole screen acting process excites me. I love the professionalism of it all. I always ensure I bring a professional work ethic to set and pride myself on working hard for the director and crew, listening, taking direction and building a positive reputation as a team player. An actor whom is reliable and a joy to work alongside. Aiming to be the best I can within the profession is important to me. Working on my character in preparation, bringing an energy and enthusiasim to set, demonstrating that I have the right attitude to be considered a team player. This is all part of my personality. I am an extenBeing a regularly paid actor is my idea of success as before acting, I'd never felt enjoyment towards employment. I think I'm a simple man; I love family and I love acting. They're all I want in this world. 

Thank you for your time.