Actor, UK


A subconscious expectation resided within me that someday something fantastic was going to happen, something life altering would occur and provide me with much needed direction and fulfilment...

Inevitability struck hard like a ton of bricks. Stuck in an office job I hated for 13 years, I experienced a moment of complete clarity; nothing fantastic was ever going to happen unless I made it happen. I remember feeling relief. I'd never been more honest with myself than at that moment. Everything was about to change. I was about to embark on a journey fulfilling my potential as an actor or I would die trying. 

I immediately threw myself into local theatre, doing three or four shows a year, whilst delving into short films with students or local filmmakers. I joined local classes too for a period. I was busy. To my suprise, It wasn't long before I caught the eye of a local filmmaker whom cast me in his first feature film 'Follow the Crows' The experience was a thrill and reinforced my desire to pursue screen acting roles. I've since gone on to act in a variety of projects, facing new challenges and gaining a range of experience.

In 2019, I attended an audition in Guildford to play one of six principle roles available for a new feature film based on a famous Ibsen play 'The Lady From The Sea' which was to be filmed in Norway. Hundreds of actors gathered which should have felt intimidating. Yet, I felt only confidence. I was ready to show them that I was the answer to their casting problem. I received a call the next day and was offered the part of Arnholm. This remains one of my proudest achievements and one of my fondest memories. I was elated to have been cast. It felt somewhat  validating and created a sense of affirmation. Telling my loved ones the good news was immense. I'll never forget my dad's reaction. He doubted my decision to leave full-time employment and didn't truly believe in me where others did. His reaction to the news will never leave me. Not only was his roar of delight the loudest but I could see in that moment he was proud of me for showing him success. This felt like the true beginning of my professional acting career.

In September 2019, we filmed 'The Lady From the Sea' in Norway over a two week period. It was the filming experience I hoped and needed... but it was over in the blink of an eye. I was left with an insatiable thirst for more.

Then came Covid-19...

My passion to perform is stronger than ever. The screen acting process excites me. I love the professional nature of being part of a team that work towards a common goal. I feel at home on a set, it's where I'm meant to be. I display a professional work ethic and pride myself on my conduct. I'm listening, taking direction and building a positive reputation. I want to be considered a reliable actor with a glowing reputation whom people actively seek to work with on further projects. Nothing would make me happier than to be acting regularly and providing for my family. It's all I want in this life.